What is coaching?
Coaching is a conversation which empowers a person to close the gap between their intentions and their accomplishments. This co-created relationship between coach and client enables the client to claim new possibilities and potential. Identifying current assumptions along with new and creative solutions increases the achievement of permanent change.

Coach, professional organizer, organizer coach, I’m confused!
In general, coaches can help with various business or life challenges. Professional organizers use a variety of methods and tools to help people organize their space, time, electronic and paper information. An organizer coach uses coaching techniques to help clients move from their identity as it relates to stuff to their identity as an organized person realizing personal and professional goals. An organizer coach is a trained coach who specializes in organizing as opposed to a professional organizer with coaching experience.

Who benefits from working with an organizer coach?
People who gain the most from working with an organizer coach realize that life isn’t working the way it is and decide that they want to make changes in order to create a life that fits.

What are the benefits of working with an organizer coach?
Some of the advantages of working with an organizer coach include:
• Customized support for your organizing challenges
• Enhanced motivation and momentum
• Changed stuff-habits
• Transformed perspectives and patterns

Here is what one client offered, unsolicited, about working with us.

How are services provided?
Coaching can be provided via phone in scheduled coaching sessions or during a hands-on organizing appointment.

What kind of time frame are we talking about?
From experience, I understand that now that you declare that you are in a state of stuff-overwhelm, you want it taken care of quickly. I wish my magic wand wasn’t in the shop! Replacing non-working habits with functioning ones is most effective when approached consistently.

There are two time frames in coaching:

Coaching sessions: The exact format is decided in the Preliminary Call as a result of the needs of the client. In the beginning, it is best to schedule three to four coaching sessions of 30-45 minutes per month. I provide unlimited email support between calls as part of your coaching package.

Length of engagement: Coaching is a process determined by the needs and wants of the client. Coaching is helpful with both short-term projects and long-term goal attainment.

Ultimately, coaching offers external support and guidance to initiate this process until the client internalizes the skills needed to attain their “definition of organized.”

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